Untitled - Chagas* + Schafer* - Scalping The Wraith (CDr)

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  1. Brasho says:
    May 02,  · Some have already been through the growign pangs of the Wraith and it would make it better for those of us that are just starting out with them to do the right mods the first time rather than having to shell out a ton of money just to make the thing work the right way. I appreciate those that have paved the way with the Wraith so far, but I'd.
  2. Braramar says:
    View credits, reviews, tracks and shop for the CDr release of Scalping The Wraith on Discogs.5/5(2).
  3. Mikalmaran says:
    The Wraith path is one of two paths of the first major branch in the undead mage tree. Wraiths have the disadvantage of being single target units. To make up for this, they have an extremely high initiative and an immunity to weapons. They do a lot more damage than the other branch, and they can still hit any unit. They make great front line tanks as they are immune to all "weapon" damage.
  4. Vunos says:
    The Wraith is an even more powerful spirit to that of Banshees or Spectres. It too is driven to violence and insanity, but its rage is far greater. Wraiths are the spirits of great necromancers who experimented with the blackest magic in order to acquire immortality—and failed, leaving only an echo of their identity on the Winds of Dhar they manipulated. To come so close to their goal yet be.
  5. Bakree says:
    The Wraith finds itself trapped between worlds, compelled to remain partly in the world of the living by some long-forgotten task, duty, or obsession. Deprived of rest, it becomes warped and vengeful and, in time, confused and lacking in proper mental faculties. Wraiths haunt tombs or ruins and will slay living creatures that disturb them. Wraiths have no material form and appear as dark.
  6. Shaktijinn says:
    A Wraith's retractable wrist spike. It is shown that the best survival site for a wraith would be a psychiatric asylum, as it is the perfect place to feast on a regular basis—not only the patients' brains, soaked in dopamine, are delicious, but no one in the staff would believe them if they claim that there is a monster killing them, as the patients were diagnosed as unstable.
  7. Kazirn says:
    The Wraith is a ghostly figure that wears black robes and a tall, pointed hood. It can float through walls and obstacles. Knocking the Wraith back will reset the attack time, giving enough time to attack it again, so attacking aggressively is very effective. The projectile can be crouched under, dodged, or jumped over, but cannot be parried or blocked. Air Impulses are very effective for.
  8. Fenrirn says:
    Wraith 1 (The Siege) is a Wraith who took part in the Battle of Atlantis. During the battle, he beamed down from a Wraith Dart and fought a defense team led by Teyla Emmagan along with several Wraith warriors. The Wraith lost several warriors, but ultimately overpowered Teyla's team. Before he could finish the job, Major John Sheppard and Lieutenant Aiden Ford arrived and took down his.
  9. Marr says:
    Wraith 3 (The Siege) is a Wraith Commander who took part in the Battle of Atlantis. During the Battle of Atlantis, this Wraith with another Wraith Commander and a group of Wraith warriors beamed into the city in front of a defense team led by Lieutenant Aiden Ford, bolstered by three more Wraith warriors which appeared from behind the humans. Ford's team opened fire, ultimately killing this.

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