Gave You My Heart - Esera Tuaolo - One Mans Island (CD, Album)

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  1. Tojakora says:
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  2. Kazisida says:
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  3. Sami says:
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  4. Mazutilar says:
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  5. Mikar says:
    The inherent problem is that, even if the gay team wins in the end, they’re still treated as inferior for most of the film. It’s bad enough when geeks or losers get such treatment, but singling out people already in a struggle with homophobia in the sports world (just ask Esera Tuaolo), even in “good fun,” affixes a malevolent undertone that is likely more realistic than the comedy.
  6. Arashikazahn says:
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  7. Mell says:
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  8. Kazizuru says:
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  9. Moogutaxe says:
    Follow/Fav One Man's Island. By: Suite Sambo. That rat bastard of an elf could not be up to any good. A moment later, though, a second face joined the first and his heart gave a sudden jolt and he leaned forward, unable to stop the reflexive movement. Harry froze, clearly watching him, so he forced himself to look to the side then casually.

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